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Payment Options

Dogo Store Customer Privacy

Dogo Store takes as a goal to provide a safe shopping experience to its customers.

The worldwide preferred secure and valid communication protocols are used by Dogostore.com.By courtesy of 2048 bit SSL Security Protocol, your credit card information directly sends to your bank encoded and this information is highly secured thus impossible to be reached during the process. Certainly, no one can reach your credit card number.

The risk of your credit card information being stolen on daily usage is much riskier than online shopping. In daily life, While paying with the credit card you have to give your card to someone else, and therefore the privacy of your credit card is highly risked. The Credit card information that is used during your purchase is encoded independently from Dogo Store and interrogated to your bank. It is certainly not possible this information gets stolen and displayed by other people or corporations. Besides, the credit card owners always have the right to object online purchases. Your credit card information is not kept in our system.

Payment Options

Credit Cards, as Visa - Master Card - American Express - Union Pay and Bank Cards, as Visa Electron - Maestro Card, are valid in all countries.

Card Type Countries that in use
Ideal  Nertherlands

Austria, Netherlands, Belgium, Italy, France, Spain               

My Bank  Belgium, Italy, Luxemburg        
Eps  Austria
QIWI  Ukraine    


UK Vat Notification
Customer Notification
As of 01.01.2021, due to the change in the VAT regulations of overseas goods sold to UK customers, we can on ly ship a minimum of £ 136 worth of goods to the UK.